We are a virtual airline but sometimes you can think we are a real world airline.

Virtual Airline

We are a virtual airline based on Flight Simulation softwares like X-Plane 11 and Prepar3d.

We simulate real world airline procedures and flight experience.

Real Value

Here we dedicate our selves to provide great content and flight experience to add value to your pilot carreer having fun at the same time.

Real Friends

Friends are for life. We have a history of 19 years and PSTAIR has created and provided a great environment for making aviation networking and friends.

What is a Virtual Airline and It´s Purpose?

A Great Place to empower your Flight Skills and making GREAT aviation networking thru a virtual aviation enviroment

In our staff we have real world and experienced pilots advising and guiding our virtual airline pilots thru a very vast and modern web platform providing the necessary knowledge and real airline practices.

A few things we’re great

Meet our core values and what kind of goals we set for the people who joins PSTAIR.


We are always looking for the best technologies to improve the flight experience.


We endorse an environment of friendship and colaboration. This is fundamental to improve knowledge and helping others who wants to have fun and improve its skills in the aviation.


Here we don´t care if you have thousands of flight hours or just a few. We don´t care if you are a real or a virtual airline pilot. We care for aviation and for the people who wants to improve their flight skills.


We understand the virtual airline can provide a knowledge atmosphere and this will help to improve the safety in the real world aviation.


A History of Success

PSTAIR has it’s history back in december 1999. A group of Brazilian friends decided to create a virtual airline to learn and simulate real airline enviroment as a study case. In fact the majority of these friends became real world pilots flying for the real major airlines in the world.


The Secret of Success

Here at PSTAIR we have so many differencials from the traditional virtual airlines just because we are bearing the real world airline. See some exaples below:


Just like a real airline we have our fleet based on the flight and demmand.


We simulate flight standards following the SOPs, QRH and other documents and procedures just like a real world airline.


In our flight roster you will gonna find the flights you are going to fly in the month period.


You will follow a carreer path like a real world airline. From a 1st Officer to a Master Captain and so on.

Contact us

After all the information in our website you still have comments or just want to be in touch we us, so why not sending us a message. Let it fly!